With so many wonderful deer-resistant plants, I have grouped them into eight main categories (annuals, perennials, bulbs, grassy plants, foliage plants, groundcovers, evergreen shrubs, and small trees). These are the groups that make up each of my complete deer-resistant planting plans. Use this menu to browse by category to find some of my recommended choices and the latest introductions. You can also find my Spot On Plant Spotlight picks below, for some of my favorite deer-resistant plants. 

Plant breeders are realizing gardeners want (and need) deer-resistant plants, and are introducing exciting new options every year. Here are some of the latest and greatest. Click on each in the list below for more info.

Recently Added

'Autumn Inferno'

'Winter Glow'

A great shade plant for year-round interest. Bergenia, or pigsqueak, has thick, rubbery leaves that really do squeak when you rub them between your fingers. The leaves turn lovely shades of red and orange and last through the winter. In spring, nodding clusters of pink flowers appear on spikes.


Colorful flowers held on spikes - the "dragon" will open and close its mouth when you squeeze the sides of the flower. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Likes the cool weather of spring and fall, and great as a bedding plant.

Pink Muhly Grass

A mounded grass with blue-green, needle thin (yet soft and pliable) leaves. It's stunning feature are the clouds of cotton-candy like seedheads that appear in fall. Looks beautiful planted in masses. Easy to grow and drought tolerant.

'Pearl Glam'

Dark purple leaves and violet-purple berries team up for a glamorous and distinctive look in this variation of a fabulous fall shrub.


A native shrub for sun or shade, with fragrant flower spikes that attract lots of pollinators, including hummingbirds. A great choice for wet sites. Will spread nicely to fill the area and has lovely fall foliage color. Native to the eastern US.

Japanese maple

A graceful small tree with a beautiful branch structure and colorful leaves. Many variations and forms, including weeping and dwarf sizes, ones with colorful bark, and leaf colors ranging from deep maroon to bright yellow. All leaves have five points, but some are deeply divided and almost tassel-like. These trees do best in a little shade.

River Oats

An ornamental grass with distinctive flat seedheads on graceful, arching stems that likes to grow where many grasses don't - in shady, moist sites.

'Show Off'

A compact forsythia with bright yellow bells the entire length of the stem. Earns the name 'Show Off'!

'Beyond Midnight'

Deep blue flowers bloom in late summer against glossy, dark green foliage, attracting tons of pollinators. Leaves are not evergreen, but this small subshrub will come back each year up to Zone 5.

'Double Play Gold'

Gold to orange foliage offers a bright backing to even brighter pink flower heads.


Glowing yellow evergreen leaves on a compact shrub lights up shady spots. The scented foliage is highly deer resistant.