With so many wonderful deer-resistant plants, I have grouped them into eight main categories (annuals, perennials, bulbs, grassy plants, foliage plants, groundcovers, evergreen shrubs, and small trees). These are the groups that make up each of my complete deer-resistant planting plans. Use this menu to browse by category to find some of my recommended choices and the latest introductions. You can also find my Spot On Plant Spotlight picks below, for some of my favorite deer-resistant plants. 

Annuals are one-season wonders that give you a chance to play with color and add filler as needed.
Deer-resistant perennials are plants that come back year after year, although many go dormant and disappear above ground during the winter.
Bulbs offer a pop of color and can bloom in spring, summer, or fall.
Foliage Plants
Ferns and other foliage plants can offer longer lasting color and texture than flowers alone.
Grassy Plants
Ornamental grasses and lookalikes such as sedges and flax offer contrast, movement, and multi-season interest.
Groundcovers act like mulch but offer so much more to tie your garden design together.
Shrubs are the foundation of a well-designed garden with lasting appeal. Flowering, fruiting, and evergreen shrubs add an extra layer of interest.
Trees and Large Shrubs
Small trees and large shrubs use height to make an impact in your garden.
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Plant breeders are realizing gardeners want (and need) deer-resistant plants, and are introducing exciting new options every year. Here are some of the latest and greatest. Click on each in the list below for more info.

Recently Added

River Oats

An ornamental grass with distinctive flat seedheads on graceful, arching stems that likes to grow where many grasses don't - in shady, moist sites.

'Show Off'

A compact forsythia with bright yellow bells the entire length of the stem. Earns the name 'Show Off'!

'Beyond Midnight'

Deep blue flowers bloom in late summer against glossy, dark green foliage, attracting tons of pollinators. Leaves are not evergreen, but this small subshrub will come back each year up to Zone 5.

'Double Play Gold'

Gold to orange foliage offers a bright backing to even brighter pink flower heads.


Glowing yellow evergreen leaves on a compact shrub lights up shady spots. The scented foliage is highly deer resistant.


Cheery yellow trumpets herald spring. One of the most reliably deer-resistant plants for the garden. Bulbs will naturalize and spread over the years. Photo courtesy of National Garden Bureau.

'May Night'


'Peppy le Pom'

Eye-catching orange bells hang on this tender subshrub (meaning; won't tolerate hard freezes). Plant it in a container to bring it inside over the winter!


A culinary herb with semi-evergreen, needlelike leaves on a shrubby plant. Aromatic and edible, with small purple flowers that attract pollinators.

Botanical Interests Deer-Resistant Flower Mix - Seeds

Eight varieties of deer-resistant annuals, such as alyssum, nasturtium, snapdragon, lavender, lupine, hollyhock, foxglove, black-eyed susan and cosmos.

St. Johns Wort

Vigorous in tough conditions, Hypericum spp. has blue-green creeping foliage and sunny yellow flowers resembling large buttercups. Fleshy roots give drought-resistance but will want room to spread.


Give "foodscaping" a try by growing this Vitamin C-rich herb as an edible edging. Black swallowtail butterflies rely on this as a host plant for their young. Illustration courtesy of Botanical Interests.