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Annuals provide quick color and a fresh look every year. Don't limit them to the "annual bed" by the mailbox - use them any place you need a pop of color or a focal point. Put them in containers to give yourself even more flexibility on where you place them. 


Colorful flowers held on spikes - the "dragon" will open and close its mouth when you squeeze the sides of the flower. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Likes the cool weather of spring and fall, and great as a bedding plant.

Bright pink Angelonia flowers


Vertical flower spikes on a heat-tolerant annual

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Flower seed packets

Botanical Interests Deer-Resistant Flower Mix - Seeds

Eight varieties of deer-resistant annuals, such as alyssum, nasturtium, snapdragon, lavender, lupine, hollyhock, foxglove, black-eyed susan and cosmos.

Pink gumballs float above clumps of foliage

'Truffula Pink'

Pink gumballs float above clumps of foliage

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A hummingbird feeding on blue borage flowers


Deer won't go for the silvery-haired leaves covered in soft spines, but bees delight in the early feeding provided by the starry blue flowers. If you prefer a tidier growth habit, try zinnias. Photo credits: Jim Eklund/ARS

Inky dark foliage with glossy black fruits

'Onyx Red'

Inky dark foliage with glossy black fruits

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