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You don't have to only rely on flowers to get color and excitement in the garden. Foliage plants offer reliable and long-lasting points of interest, and often also offer texture, form, and movement to add to their appeal

Rosemary plants


A culinary herb with semi-evergreen, needlelike leaves on a shrubby plant. Aromatic and edible, with small purple flowers that attract pollinators.

Orange-leaved shrub

'Orange Rocket'

This rocket's orange glare will light up your garden. A small and tightly vertical shrub with electric foliage. This one is bred to be sterile to avoid reseeding issues.

Green parsley leaves


Give "foodscaping" a try by growing this Vitamin C-rich herb as an edible edging. Black swallowtail butterflies rely on this as a host plant for their young. Illustration courtesy of Botanical Interests.

Gold and white foliage plant in a container by a pool


Variegated lavender adds a bright and fragrant touch to the landscape.


Potted rosemary plants for sale


A delicious culinary herb that doubles as a small shrub with semi-evergreen foliage and small purple flowers

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