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About the Author

Helen Newling Lawson

Helen has been writing and gardening for about as long as she can remember, and finally figured out to combine the two. She is a regular contributor to gardening and lifestyle publications, and is a Master Gardener in Forsyth County, Georgia. She enjoys taking her own photos for her writing projects, and in her spare time, is a marketing professional specializing in social media and content marketing.

Articles on Deer-Resistant Gardening

Helen introduced readers to her style of deer-resistant designs with two articles for the southeastern readers of State-by-State Gardening.

More by Helen

Helen has also contributed a number of other articles on gardening, parenting, nature, and lifestyle topics to a variety of publications. She is also a published photographer, and frequently provides imagery for her own articles.

In her other life, Helen writes on business and technology topics for her marketing clients, including monthly newsletters, case studies, and info sheets. More about her writing and content marketing work can be found at

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