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Perennials come back year after year, saving you from yearly planting chores and giving your garden a consistent look. Most will die back to the ground when the weather gets cold, but keep track of where they're planted, and be ready to welcome them again next spring!

'Winter Glow'

A great shade plant for year-round interest. Bergenia, or pigsqueak, has thick, rubbery leaves that really do squeak when you rub them between your fingers. The leaves turn lovely shades of red and orange and last through the winter. In spring, nodding clusters of pink flowers appear on spikes.

Milkweed's clusters of orange flowers attract butterflies


Milkweed (Asclepias spp.), the host plant for monarch butterflies, is almost mandatory in a pollinator garden. Its milky, toxic sap deters deer.

Purple flowers

'May Night'


Orange bell-shaped flowers

'Peppy le Pom'

Eye-catching orange bells hang on this tender subshrub (meaning; won't tolerate hard freezes). Plant it in a container to bring it inside over the winter!

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