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More than just ornamental grasses, grassy plants also include sedges, rushes, and sweet flag. These long-lived foliage plants offer a contrast to flowers and large-leaved plants, and also often create movement as they sway in the breeze. Some also flower or change color with the seasons.

Grass seedheads on an arching stem

River Oats

An ornamental grass with distinctive flat seedheads on graceful, arching stems that likes to grow where many grasses don't - in shady, moist sites.

Upright grass in the landscape

Little Bluestem

Plant a mini-meadow to host the larvae of prairie butterflies like skippers. This vertical, drought-tolerant accent will rustle and sway in the breeze.

Silvery-blue grass

Blue Fescue Grass

Clumps of spiky steely blue grass.

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