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Bulbs and other plants that grow from large underground structures like rhizomes, tubers, and corms (known as a group as geophytes) are often seasonal stars that are great for tucking in around other plants to create little "surprises" throughout the year. Starting with spring-flowering bulbs like daffodils, through to late-season performers like autumn crocus and Rohdea, there are deer-resistant bulbs for every month. 

Yellow and white daffodils


Cheery yellow trumpets herald spring. One of the most reliably deer-resistant plants for the garden. Bulbs will naturalize and spread over the years. Photo courtesy of National Garden Bureau.

Pink trumpet-shaped flowers

Crinum Lily

Huge trumpets herald the midsummer garden

Blue flower

Autumn Crocus

Not a true crocus, hence the botanical name Colchicum. This fall bloomer keeps pollinators fueled up when flowers are scarce. Handle toxic corms with care (and gloves) and keep away from kids and pets.
Photo courtesy of

Yellow and white daffodils


A cheery and classic spring bulb with lots of variety beyond the typical yellow trumpet.

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