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Explore every dimension in your garden by using plants that grow up! Small trees and large shrubs play an important role in even the smallest garden spaces, and can create a much-needed focal point. Plus, birds and other wildlife love the cover they provide. 

Purple-flowering tree

Chaste tree

Chaste trees (Vitex agnes-castus) are sometimes compared to a summer-blooming lilac. The purple flower spikes are a hummingbird magnet, and are busy with bees in mid- to late-summer, too.

Red holly berries against green leaves


When holly (Ilex spp.) is in bloom, it's abuzz with bees. In winter, it's a vital food source for hungry birds. And all year long, the glossy, deep green leaves provide cover for birds and other wildlife.
Shown: Ilex 'Christmas Jewel', Photo courtesy of Greenleaf Nursery

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