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Welcome Fall, Not Deer

I normally recommend containers for keeping deer favorites out of reach. But this autumn-inspired container scares off deer, in part thanks to ornamental peppers, so I could put this on the front steps where deer have been known to try "trick-or-treating."

It makes sense that the showy pods of these annuals would be deer-resistant, since hot peppers (Capsicum) are a key ingredient in many deer repellent formulas.

I wish I knew the exact variety - unfortunately, this one was only labeled "ornamental pepper." But I loved the contrast of the purple and orange fruits (as they matured, they turned to all orange).

I rounded out the design with a sedge (Carex) that promised to turn orange when temperatures cool, a purple oxalis, zinnia 'Magellan Orange', Ajuga 'Sparkler' and Tiarella 'Jeepers Creepers' (I wound up moving that one out of the arrangement since it wasn't enjoying the full sun, but the name was so perfect for a Halloween-timed container I couldn't resist trying).

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