No one likes waking up to a deer-ravaged landscape. Keeping the "hungry teenager" maxim in mind (if they're hungry enough, they'll eat anything), there are more choices for deer-resistant plants than you might think. Check out some beautiful planting plans deer would prefer not to eat!

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Deer-Resistant Plants

Shop the gallery of the latest and greatest deer-resistant plants, including flowers, shrubs, trees (if you order through my site, I may earn a small commission).

Annuals are one-season wonders that give you a chance to play with color and add filler as needed.
Deer-resistant perennials are plants that come back year after year, although many go dormant and disappear above ground during the winter.
Bulbs offer a pop of color and can bloom in spring, summer, or fall.
Grassy Plants
Ornamental grasses and lookalikes such as sedges and flax offer contrast, movement, and multi-season interest.
Foliage Plants
Ferns and other foliage plants can offer longer lasting color and texture than flowers alone.
Groundcovers act like mulch but offer so much more to tie your garden design together.
Shrubs are the foundation of a well-designed garden with lasting appeal. Flowering, fruiting, and evergreen shrubs add an extra layer of interest.
Trees and Large Shrubs
Small trees and large shrubs use height to make an impact in your garden.
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