Evergreen shrubs provide year-round structure in the garden, vital for "good bones." With evergreens, you'll always have some color (and some of them come in colors other than green!).

'Show Off'

A compact forsythia with bright yellow bells the entire length of the stem. Earns the name 'Show Off'!


Glowing yellow evergreen leaves on a compact shrub lights up shady spots. The scented foliage is highly deer resistant.


Also called lily of the valley shrub for the long strings of bell-shaped flowers in spring. An early pollinator plant with evergreen foliage and a flush of red new growth in spring.

'Beach Ball'

A round and fragrant evergreen shrub. Tolerant of salt.

'Beyond Midnight'

Deep blue flowers bloom in late summer against glossy, dark green foliage, attracting tons of pollinators. Leaves are not evergreen, but this small subshrub will come back each year up to Zone 5.

'Bella Bellisima'

A low, cold-tolerant shrub with cheery pink petals.

'Winter Gem'

A great evergreen shrub for shade, plus a wonderful winter fragrance.

'Double Play Gold'

Gold to orange foliage offers a bright backing to even brighter pink flower heads.

'Gem Box'

A tidy and compact mound of evergreen foliage. A native alternative to boxwood. The Proven Winners 2020 Landscape Plant of the Year!


Bright gold foliage lights up shady spots. Fragrant leaves keep deer away